16 Killed, 13 Injured as Female Suicide Bombers sorrowfully ends Eid-el-Fitr Celebration in Maiduguri.

On Sunday night and early Monday morning, Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State was rocked with terror as seven bombers lead a series of coordinated attacks killing a dozen people and injuring 11. The attacks started at night despite the locals having a peaceful Eid-el-Fitri celebration during the day.

The number of casualties was revealed by Mr Damian Chukuwu, the police commissioner of Borno State. “We recorded the deaths of 16 persons, including the suicide bombers, and injured to 13,” reported Mr Chukuwu to Nigeria news.

Three of the suicide bombers attacked the University of Maiduguri, donating themselves at different locations of the institutions. One was the security office, where one personnel, a female, later succumbed to injuries.

Addressing the press on Monday, the police commissioner said: “Yesterday 25th June 2017 at about 2221 hours, a male suicide bomber gained entry into the premises of University of Maiduguri and donated PBIED on his body near the Rapid Response Services Office building. The suicide bomber died while three University security personnel on duty were injured.”

Hours later, four suicide bombers found their way to the Zannari community in Gwange. Two of the suicide bombers donated themselves in two residential buildings. The attack killed 8 residents, injuring 11.

The third bombers detonated PBIEDs detonated the bomb alone killing no one. The fourth suicide bomber was later arrested but succumbed to injuries the same night.

According to police, those who picked injuries in the explosion were rushed to the University if Maiduguri Teaching Hospital. Danjuma Gambo, a professor of Mass Communication at the University confirmed the incident.

Residents of Maiduguri had a peaceful Eid-el-Fitr but come the 10 p.m., bombing and shootings rented most part of the night and early Monday morning hours. “The noise of the explosion coming from the university woke us up from the sleep at around 10 p.m.,” said one source to https://1push.ng/nigeria-newspaper .

The University of Maiduguri is not new to the attack shows political news Nigeria . Its proximity, just 45 km from the Sambisa forest has suffered multiple attacks from the dreaded Boko Haram terrorist sect. The last fatal attack was in January where a renowned professor of veterinary medicine died alongside a few others.

Nigeria latest news show that a months ago, a male suicide bomber attacks the university barely 2 days after the institution suffered another unfruitful attack from a female bomber. The number of suicide bombs from Boko Haram continues to increase. On June 19 there was a blast that killed 12 people with a 14 dead from an explosion on June 7.

On Friday, the country state security said it had prevented explosive attacks targeting four northern cities – Kaduna, Kano, Maiduguri and Sokoto. The attacks were planned to interrupt the celebration of Islam holy month, Ramadan.

Since 2009, Boko Haram is responsible for more than 200,000 deaths with over 2 million fleeing their home as per Nigerian newspaper review. The terrorist sect plan is to create an Islamic state in the northeast Nigeria.

Nigeria’s army with the help of troops from the neighbouring countries gained back the majority of the territory pushing then back to a swathe of land which the sect controlled until early 2015.

Boko Haram lead is terror campaign using IEDs and gun raid in public areas such as markets and mosques. Neighboring countries aiding the Nigeria army have not been spared – Cameroon, Niger, Chad and Benin who form the five-nation regional force fighting the Boko Haram.

The number of suicide continues to increase although in majority only the suicide bomber died.

On Sunday, Chad’s president, Idriss Deby, threatened to pull his country support out of the peacekeeping mission in Nigeria and other fighting nation claiming lack of foreign financial support. Chad had the third-largest contingent, 1,390 soldiers, in the UN peacekeeping mission.


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Types of gamebook

gameboo-4The gamebooks were actually meant for the young audiences. But slowly, books were published for adult audiences as well. There were various types of gamebooks. One version was created for those who took the class ‘English as a second language’. These books were written in simpler language and the plot lines were reorganized making it easier for the foreign readers to read. These books were popular with the ESL teachers to motivate reluctant students. These books were meant to improve critical thinking skills and organize classroom activities.

Erotic gamebooks are another form of gamebooks. Role-playing solitaire adventures are another are another category of gamebooks. The ‘Tunnels and Troll’ and ‘Buffalo Castle’ were the first role-playing solitaire adventures. Solitaire adventures were used in games like Dungeons & Dragons, DC Heroes, etc. During the early nineties, the popularity of these games declined.

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Adventure gamebooks became popular in the eighties, particularly in the US, France and Italy. The books ‘Fighting Fantasy’, ‘Lone Wolf’, etc. were translated in many languages. In the 90s this popularity declined. Even now many authors continue to publish these adventure gamebooks. German authors Markus Heitz and Wolfgang Hohlbein still write these books. Advanced Visual novel gamebooks were also found.

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How voodoo love spells work

Spells are designed to bring specific results. The word ‘spell’ is derived from the Old English ‘spel’ which means a saying or a fable. These sayings mean magical formulae. Spells are a way to bring a desired result or change an event for the better. Magical powers are used in casting spells. Some people consider it as demonic forms of prayer that were used in witchcraft. In some religions, it is considered to be evil.

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Glass pipes are used for smoking. But have you wondered what kind of drugs is smoked out of a pipe? Glass pipes are used for smoking cannabis, crystal methamphetamine, PCP, opium, crack cocaine and even DMT which give the user a powerful psychedelic experience. You can go to any one stop headshop for smoke accessories CA.

If the glass pipe has a bulb on a side, then you know that it is used to smoke meth out of. You should recognize the smell. It tells you what kind of drug is being smoked out. Crystal meth usually forms thicker cloud of smoke than marijuana. It has a unique chemical odor. Any glass pipe that is used to smoke meth has yellow streaks around the glass. If you are smoking crack cocaine, you will get a very different smell. It smells like a mixture of burning plastic and urine. The pipes are also long and straight.

head-sho-4Many parents are worried when they see their children holding glass pipes. The children often give excuse of trying out weed just once or simply holding it for a friend. But parents must be careful as stronger drugs are may be smoked out of glass pipes. You should look around the house and see if you can find bits of Brillo pad in the trash. It is a good indicator that the person was smoking crack. If you find baking soda on your room suddenly, then that’s also a sign of crack use. When caught, most children give the excuse that they are only trying light drugs and there’s nothing to worry about it. They eventually end up convincing the parents. But things like spoons, foil, glass pipes, etc. lying all over your house then it’s a strong sign that your child is taking strong drugs. Many dangerous drugs can be smoked from glass pipes. So, you have to be very careful.

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How to present gifts to men?image4

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Minimalist closet

images-4There are ten of reasons why one minimalise a wardrobe. One it might be because you move around a lot, live is a squeezed apartment, environmentally conscious, paying debts, etc. However, becoming a minimalist is one thing maintaining it is difficult. If you find the temptation to going back to being a spent thrift on clothes, here are some minimalist closet maintaining tips.

Avoid duplicates

This is the ultimo rule to shopping fewer clothes. Multiple items with same colour and various design is a waste. If you are preparing for winter, have one red scarf and no need to have more than one hat. If you must, ensure that each has a unique feature.

Have a concrete purpose

If you are thinking of purchasing something it must serve a novel purpose. It must fill a void that other clothes or accessories already in the wardrobe cannot fill. If you need to buy some bikini, it must be because the wardrobe lacks a bikini.


Why buy something that can be worn for only one occasion? For example why keep your wedding dress wedding dress on the closet. If you are not a party goer, dispose of such dress. If you buy something you should be able to get the best out of it otherwise, it does not deserve your cash or space in your closet. That way you discourage the addition of unnecessary clothes.


Despite a strict budget you need to maintain some level of quality in the items you buy. A cheap shoe means you will make a trip back to the shop soon, especially if it have to be worn three-four days in a week. Quality clothes are durable and worth the extra pennies.

If a dress need a new zip or shoe need to be re-heeled do not put it in the back of the box. Anything that needs fixing should get fast attention otherwise, you will find yourself strolling to the shop to get a new one.

Minimalism is about utilising every space in your house in the best way. If you have items in your closet that lay there or do not add value to your life, dispose of them. Anything in your wardrobe should make you feel good about yourself.

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Best Herbal Incense For Sale

Natural incense (a.k.a home grown blend, legitimate incense, home grown smoke, engineered cannabis and so forth… ) is a name given to pre-bundled lawful high blends, which are intended to be smoked.
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rbrbr-4Give me a chance to demonstrate to you proper methodologies to make more secure, better, scrutinize compound free natural incense for a small amount of the expense of brand name home grown incense.

Home grown incense actualities

As a matter of first importance how about we dispel any confusion air and see why you shouldn’t purchase any brand name natural incense.

The makers and merchants of brand name home grown incense assert, that their items are:



contain no exploration chemicals


They are lying. All pre-bundled lawful highs sold under the name “lawful home grown incense”, “lawful blend” or comparative are low quality plants sprinkled with hazardous examination chemicals (a.k.a creator drugs).

/This is very for all pre-bundled lawful highs not simply natural incense./

There is nothing home grown about them and it’s not the plant that gets you high but rather the exploration chemical(s) added to it.

/Now you know why the rundown of elements of these home grown incense items is never open. As a thumb standard you ought to never purchase anything in the event that you don’t have a clue about what’s in it. It’s simply judgment skills./

No one recognizes what’s precisely in them and no one realizes what kind impacts these substances have.

Will it execute you? Will it not get you high by any means? Will it get you high?

Nobody knows. One thing without a doubt: you are playing Russian roulette with your own life by taking them.

Some of them won’t get you high (Legalbuds.com) and a significant number of them will make you wiped out instead of high or will give you an extremely offensive high; a “terrible excursion”.

Cash. These individuals watch over the prosperity of their clients. They are lying trough their teeth and offering overrated and possibly deadly research chemicals to clueless casualties.

They are utilizing research chemicals rather than more secure, characteristic herbs since it’s less expensive.

It’s much less expensive to import unsafe, untested exploration chemicals from an off-permit lab from China – that is the place most originator medications originate from, they are made in China – , as opposed to utilizing quality herbs to make a home grown incense, a genuine common, lawful high.