Types of gamebook

The gamebooks were actually meant for the young audiences. But slowly, books were published for adult audiences as well. There were various types of gamebooks. One version was created for those who took the class ‘English as a second language’. These books were written in simpler language and the plot lines were reorganized making it […]

Game made for people of all age

Games have become the life of people now. Whenever they get free time apart from their busy schedule, they start playing it on phone or at home. Online games have changed the pattern of playing games. Now no one plays outdoor games be it adult or children. This is a good thing as one doesn’t […]

Pokemon Go cheat app

Have you heard of the new Pokemon Go Hack? If not, then check it out! You can get a copy of it now and start to generate unlimited resources such as item unlocker, money, etc. You don’t need to spend money on these features. Simply enjoy it. The game works well for iOS, Android and […]