Minimalist closet

images-4There are ten of reasons why one minimalise a wardrobe. One it might be because you move around a lot, live is a squeezed apartment, environmentally conscious, paying debts, etc. However, becoming a minimalist is one thing maintaining it is difficult. If you find the temptation to going back to being a spent thrift on clothes, here are some minimalist closet maintaining tips.

Avoid duplicates

This is the ultimo rule to shopping fewer clothes. Multiple items with same colour and various design is a waste. If you are preparing for winter, have one red scarf and no need to have more than one hat. If you must, ensure that each has a unique feature.

Have a concrete purpose

If you are thinking of purchasing something it must serve a novel purpose. It must fill a void that other clothes or accessories already in the wardrobe cannot fill. If you need to buy some bikini, it must be because the wardrobe lacks a bikini.


Why buy something that can be worn for only one occasion? For example why keep your wedding dress wedding dress on the closet. If you are not a party goer, dispose of such dress. If you buy something you should be able to get the best out of it otherwise, it does not deserve your cash or space in your closet. That way you discourage the addition of unnecessary clothes.


Despite a strict budget you need to maintain some level of quality in the items you buy. A cheap shoe means you will make a trip back to the shop soon, especially if it have to be worn three-four days in a week. Quality clothes are durable and worth the extra pennies.

If a dress need a new zip or shoe need to be re-heeled do not put it in the back of the box. Anything that needs fixing should get fast attention otherwise, you will find yourself strolling to the shop to get a new one.

Minimalism is about utilising every space in your house in the best way. If you have items in your closet that lay there or do not add value to your life, dispose of them. Anything in your wardrobe should make you feel good about yourself.

Eventually, you should be able to reap the benefits of being a minimalist, less water and electricity bills, more space and your card won’t have to cough out much.