Planning a night out in London

dj 4If you a planning a night out in London, you need to do some planning beforehand. Before selecting what to wear, you should first decide on the venue or particular night club you want to visit. Dress according to the venue or occasion. If and your friends have finalized a venue, then it’s a good idea to book in advance, rather than standing on the queue.

If the venue is popular, various companies and promoters organize tables and guest lists. If you know someone who works at the club, then it’s a good idea to request that person to book some place for you. You should put yourself on the guest list of reputable companies in advance. It is better to enter your name in the guest like during the working week, instead of on the same day. There are party planning organizations who will confirm your seats and will send you a confirmation email as well. In case, your plan changes, there is no obligation that you must be at the venue. It is not necessary that you will have to attend the night club or venue once you submit your names on the guest list. There are some night clubs where you have themed parties. In these night clubs you have to purchase tickets beforehand and also wear fancy dress. New Years Eve parties in most London night clubs and bars work that way. You need to buy tickets in advance in order to attend the parties. There are price differences in drinks. The price of tickets depends on the entry times and particular days of the year. These rules may seem umfair to many, but this is how it goes in London.

You should find a way to get to the venue. If you are going to central London, then you should check the route on London transport maps. You should also decide on the mode of your transportation, whether it’s going to be bus, train, car, or cab. If there is one road closure or tube line closure, then it can affect your journey plan. Take enough money with you to enjoy the night with your friends. For a change, if you want to arrange your own party for a special occasion instead of going to the bars or night clubs, you can do that too. In such case, you need to book a venue and hire a DJ. Make sufficient arrangement for the drinks and invite your friends over.