Tired of usual college license plate frames?

1b92b53d1f19060966756ab8ebec6df8Here’s where to get some ridiculously cool ones

There’s an almost never ending supply of hogwash on the internet these days. From videos of cats doing front flips to pictures Kanye West on the moon, is there anything Google can’t find? But when it comes to license plates, all that the mighty internet can come up with are college alumni license plate frames. What gives?

We searched websites like Creative Market and Wired for innovative breakthroughs in license plate design but didn’t come up with much more than yet another concept to predictably brag about your college education – whether you ended up learning anything or not. Clearly, colleges should start offering courses in originality.

That’s we love the School of Hard Knocks license plates. They are unique, beautiful and make a bold statement.  Check out their entire range of college license plate frames and innovative designs for something original and unique.

With all due respect to colleges and the value they add to our community, it’s time someone spoke up proudly on behalf of those who’ve managed fine without the usual, overpriced 4-year stint in a college. These are the people that our society depend on – they are our neighbours, our fellow citizens. They run businesses, they create art; some of them even write programs that makes the internet work.  They are the unsung heroes that everyone depends upon. We call them the alumni of the School of Hard Knocks.

Why attend the School of Hard Knocks?

Success isn’t measured grades or wealth. There is no fixed formula for prosperity. A college education gets you that much closer to solving that equation, but what happens next in your life, is entirely dependent on how much and what you’ve learnt from your experiences.

Because it takes a few knocks before you can knock one out of the ball park. Nobody can teach you how to live your life, that’s why you don’t learn how to live at college. Whether you finished your degree, dropped out midway or never started school at all, there’s to substitute to the lessons you learn when life throws a solid punch straight to your face. So go ahead and wear your college colors with pride, but you know that what defines you isn’t written on a diploma.

If you think you are a part of the community of the School of Hard Knocks, display the truth in style. Check out http://sohkframes.com/shop/. Stamp your support on your car or on your motorcycle, and show your solidarity for the wonderful people who graduated with flying colors from the School of Hard Knocks.