Types of drugs inhaled with glass pipes

Glass pipes are used for smoking. But have you wondered what kind of drugs is smoked out of a pipe? Glass pipes are used for smoking cannabis, crystal methamphetamine, PCP, opium, crack cocaine and even DMT which give the user a powerful psychedelic experience. You can go to any one stop headshop for smoke accessories CA.

If the glass pipe has a bulb on a side, then you know that it is used to smoke meth out of. You should recognize the smell. It tells you what kind of drug is being smoked out. Crystal meth usually forms thicker cloud of smoke than marijuana. It has a unique chemical odor. Any glass pipe that is used to smoke meth has yellow streaks around the glass. If you are smoking crack cocaine, you will get a very different smell. It smells like a mixture of burning plastic and urine. The pipes are also long and straight.

head-sho-4Many parents are worried when they see their children holding glass pipes. The children often give excuse of trying out weed just once or simply holding it for a friend. But parents must be careful as stronger drugs are may be smoked out of glass pipes. You should look around the house and see if you can find bits of Brillo pad in the trash. It is a good indicator that the person was smoking crack. If you find baking soda on your room suddenly, then that’s also a sign of crack use. When caught, most children give the excuse that they are only trying light drugs and there’s nothing to worry about it. They eventually end up convincing the parents. But things like spoons, foil, glass pipes, etc. lying all over your house then it’s a strong sign that your child is taking strong drugs. Many dangerous drugs can be smoked from glass pipes. So, you have to be very careful.

More people are getting addicted to smoking hard drugs. It’s no longer limited to smoking marijuana. They possess these drugs illegally and initially tries them out for fun and slowly gets addicted to it. Most people get into drugs to get out of depression. Strong drugs can give you an out of body experience that people love to experience. Drugs are very dangerous for health and our society. So, if you have young children at home, you should always be aware of their activities. Whenever you see any glass pipe, you ask them what they are doing with it.