Types of gamebook

gameboo-4The gamebooks were actually meant for the young audiences. But slowly, books were published for adult audiences as well. There were various types of gamebooks. One version was created for those who took the class ‘English as a second language’. These books were written in simpler language and the plot lines were reorganized making it easier for the foreign readers to read. These books were popular with the ESL teachers to motivate reluctant students. These books were meant to improve critical thinking skills and organize classroom activities.

Erotic gamebooks are another form of gamebooks. Role-playing solitaire adventures are another are another category of gamebooks. The ‘Tunnels and Troll’ and ‘Buffalo Castle’ were the first role-playing solitaire adventures. Solitaire adventures were used in games like Dungeons & Dragons, DC Heroes, etc. During the early nineties, the popularity of these games declined.

The adventure gamebooks take elements from ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books and the role-playing solitaire adventures. It is narrated in a branching path format to move between sections of text. But here, the reader has to create a character like in a role-playing game and uses the game system to resolve actions. These books are not divided into numbered pages; but into numbered sections of text. This form of gamebook became popular in many countries.

Adventure gamebooks became popular in the eighties, particularly in the US, France and Italy. The books ‘Fighting Fantasy’, ‘Lone Wolf’, etc. were translated in many languages. In the 90s this popularity declined. Even now many authors continue to publish these adventure gamebooks. German authors Markus Heitz and Wolfgang Hohlbein still write these books. Advanced Visual novel gamebooks were also found.

All these types of gamebooks were popular in the past. The 90s was a bad time for these books. The popularity suddenly declined as people were not interested to read these anymore. So, these books were not published anymore in a great scale. The gamebooks began in the western English speaking countries. Later, it spread throughout the world. They were so popular that the books were translated into various languages. Even the foreign authors started writing them. Initially, they thought only books written by the English-speaking authors will sell, so they adopted Western pseudonyms to write books. Later, they started writing it in their own name once they realized that the books sold despite who was writing it. Now the gamebooks are again getting attention and it can be found in the form of eBooks.